FAQ for ShortcutAI

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What apps are supported with ShortcutAI?

ShortcutAI is optimized to work with Apple Notes.

How does ShortcutAI work?

When you type +++ in Apple Notes, ShortcutAI will read the note you are currently editing and send it to ChatGPT for completion. The output will then be inserted into the note you are currently editing.

How does the AI model work?

ShortcutAI currently uses GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 for pro subscribers in combination with some pre-processing and post-processing steps.

What about data privacy?

ShortcutAI does not store any data about you or your typing habits. All data is sent to our servers via HTTPS and is deleted immediately after it has been processed. The data is sent to OpenAI's API which is hosted in the US. You can read more about OpenAI's privacy policy here.

What is the difference between ShortcutAI and ChatGPT?

ShortcutAI uses ChatGPT in the background! Anything you can do with ChatGPT you can also do with ShortcutAI. The difference is that ShortcutAI is optimized to work with Apple Notes on macOS.

ShortcutAI stops mid-sentence - how can I complete the output?

ShortcutAI returns the output in chunks of a few sentences. If you want to generate more output, you can simply type +++ again. ShortcutAI will then generate the next chunk of output and insert it into the app you are currently using.

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