ShortcutAI - ChatGPT for Apple Notes on macOS.

Type +++ in Apple Notes and get ChatGPT to write for you.

ChatGPT in Apple Notes

ShortcutAI works great with Apple Notes on macOS. Collect some relevant context in your note and type +++ to complete with ChatGPT.

More apps upcoming

ShortcutAI will soon work with Google Docs, Google Sheets, Gmail, Airtable, Messenger and more.
Let us know what's on your wishlist.


/ month

ChatGPT 3.5 completion in Apple Notes.
Limited context of ~100 words for basic completion.

Pro (3 day free trial)

$30 $6
/ month

ChatGPT 4 completion in Apple Notes.
Full ChatGPT context support of
~1500 words.
Limited time promo - use SHRTCTFRIENDS promo code.

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